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OR Wheat Growers on Climate Change

July 31, 2009 --

President Newtson Outlines Oregon Wheat Position on Climate Change Legislation
by Jeff Newtson, President
Oregon Wheat Growers League

Pendleton, OR – The time has come for the Oregon Wheat Growers League to articulate its position concerning the Federal Climate Change Legislation.  The U. S. Senate Agriculture Committee is in the process of hearing testimony,  Wednesday, July 22, concerning the American Clean Energy and Security Act of 2009 (HR 2454).

The Oregon Wheat Growers League represents approximately 4,000 wheat producers and land owners who farm/own nearly one million acres in Oregon.  Representing the interests and advocating on behalf of these 4,000 wheat producers and land owners is the number one priority of this Association.  Many of our members have expressed serious concerns about the Climate Change legislation that was debated at the State level by the State Legislature and is now under consideration at the Federal level by Congress.

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Water Legislation: Complete review of 2009 Session

July 30, 2009 --

2009: Tough Legislative Session For Agricultural Water UsersBy Helen Moore,
Water for Life,

The 2009 Oregon Legislative Session convened January 12th and adjourned sine die on June 29th. It was not a positive session for Oregon’s natural resources community generally or agricultural water users in particular. Whether the issue was dam removal, fees, or water storage, lawmakers enacted laws that will have adverse consequences for water users in both the short and long term. Yet, without Water for Life, the outcome of the session would have been much worse. Water for Life was successful in defeating a number of proposals that almost certainly would have become law in the organization’s absence. In addition, Water for Life’s efforts forced proponents of the adverse legislation that did become law to make compromises that will make the legislation more tolerable for agricultural water users. The discussion that follows highlights the more significant pieces of legislation to be considered or adopted by the 2009 Legislative Assembly.

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Public Comment Extended for Solar Energy Study Areas


Bureau of Land Management,

The Department of Energy and the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) will extend the public comment period on solar energy study areas and maps by an additional 45 days. A notice published in the Federal Register on July 27 [74 FR 37051] provides for a public comment period ending on September 14, 2009. The Agencies are asking that comments be submitted through the Solar Energy Project Web site:

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Wyden Vows to Ground Helicopter Tours at Crater Lake

July 29, 2009 --

Gets Commitment from Parks Service Nominee to Preserve Park’s “Ultimate Silence”
By US Senator Ron Wyden,

Washington, D.C. –  Determined to protect the natural quiet and unique character of Oregonians’ beloved Crater Lake, U.S Senator Ron Wyden (D-Ore.) today pressed Jonathan Jarvis, the administration’s nominee to head the National Parks Service, during his confirmation hearing on his attitudes towards a proposed plan to allow commercial helicopter overflights in Crater Lake National Park. Jarvis appeared before the Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources today to face tough questioning on the topic from Wyden, who is chairman of the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Subcommittee on Public Lands and Forests.

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OSU uses edible coating to make fish fillets longer-lasting


OSU uses edible coating to make fish fillets longer-lasting, possibly healthier
Jingyun Duan and Yanyun Zhao
Oregon Stat University Extension Service

CORVALLIS, Ore. – Consumers may be able to eat longer-lasting, potentially healthier fish fillets if research at Oregon State University makes its way to the supermarket. That’s because OSU scientists have extended the shelf life of lingcod fillets and possibly made them more nutritious by dipping them into an edible, protective coating enriched with fish oil. “With this coating, you can easily keep the fillets in the display case for two to three more days,” said OSU food science professor Yanyun Zhao, the lead researcher in the study.

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Greg Walden: Foreign energy problems remain

July 28, 2009 --

By Congressman Greg Walden,

Lost in the din of the debate this summer over how to improve and strengthen America’s healthcare system is the other national crisis that America can no longer afford to ignore: our dependence on foreign energy.  Twelve months ago, skyrocketing oil prices drove the energy question to the front of the national consciousness. We were importing 60 percent of our oil, shipping $1.6 billion every day outside our borders to regimes —like Hugo Chavez’s in Venezuela — that don’t like us all that much.
Republicans demanded a comprehensive, all-of-the-above energy solution — one that looked inward for solutions by utilizing sensible energy conservation and tapping our tremendous domestic energy resources.

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Oregon to explore wave energy


Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife– Heightened interest in harnessing wave energy off the Oregon coast is raising concerns about the effects on aquatic life. Issues surrounding this technology will be among the topics that will be explored during a fish science conference Sept. 11-13 hosted by the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife.

SALEM, Ore. – As the United States looks for ways to reduce its dependence on fossil fuels the Oregon coast is gaining more attention as a potential source of renewable energy.

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Governor approves fix to state ethanol mandate

July 27, 2009 --

New Law Will Allow Stations to Sell Premium Gas Without Ethanol for Certain Non-Road Uses
From Governor Kulongoski Office:

SALEM— The Governor this week signed HB 3497 to amend Oregon’s ethanol mandate by allowing service stations to sell premium, higher-octane gasoline without ethanol.  House Republican Leader Bruce Hanna (R-Roseburg) and Rep. Tim Freeman (R-Roseburg) introduced HB 3497 to provide a common sense fix for certain classes of engines that don’t operate well with ethanol-blended fuel.

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Water Restoration Act Threatens Ranchers, Small Business

July 26, 2009 --

National Cattlemen’s Beef Association:  WASHINGTON (July 22 2009) – Jim Chilton, a fifth generation rancher from southeast Ariz., testified today on behalf of National Cattlemen’s Beef Association (NCBA) and the Public Lands Council (PLC) during a House Committee on Small Business hearing on the Clean Water Restoration Act (CWRA). Chilton, whose family has been in the cattle business for over 120 years, explained how the CWRA would threaten farmers and ranchers, in addition to small businesses, small communities, forestry, mining, and manufacturing on private and federally-managed lands.

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Farm Bureau: Rushing Climate Bill Would Be ‘Height of Folly’

July 25, 2009 --

American Farm Bureau Federation: WASHINGTON, D.C., July 22, 2009 – American Farm Bureau Federation President Bob Stallman today asked the Senate Agriculture Committee to take an active and aggressive role in the climate change debate, but cautioned committee members that rushing to pass such sweeping legislation would be a fundamental mistake.  AFBF President Bob Stallman testified before the Senate Agriculture Committee on proposed climate change legislation.

“On a matter that could affect our nation for literally decades to come, it would be the height of folly to rush to judgment in a matter of days or weeks,” said Stallman.

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