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The Oprah vegan contradiction

February 6, 2011

The Oprah vegan contradiction noted by farmers
By Ken,
National Corn Growers Association

With many folks stuck inside because of snow and ice, the farm world was abuzz on social media Tuesday about another great installment of the Oprah Winfrey Show where she yet again tells us how we really should live our lives. This week, she apparently wants us all to be vegans.

Well, that’s just nice. I wonder how Godiva feels about the Queen of Conspicuous Consumption, who once had her studio set made entirely of fancy chocolate?

And then there are Anna and Christina, whose show on cooking appears on the Oprah Winfrey Network (Called OWN). In today’s episode, our perky and intrepid young cooks have fun with fat:

“There are many low-fat cookbooks on the market, but Fat is a cookbook that actually promotes eating animal fats like lard and butter. Watch as Anna & Kristina’s diets REALLY go out the window when they do a thermometer test involving deep-frying a bunch of chocolate bars!”

But let’s not forget … there is no such thing as a vegan.

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Greg February 6, 2011

When did oprah tell anyone to go vegan? She did a show about it. What a dishonest article

james scotto February 6, 2011

No such thing as a vegan? Well, there such a thing as – people who know that we’re much more healthy on a plant based diet and that this makes it even more unacceptable that we enslave and torture 10 billion innocent animals a year.

that should put your “hypocrite” label in perspective. Now go hug your dog then have a piece of pork chop, steak, chicken…

All-Vegan February 6, 2011

This is really a bizarre article. It is clear that the author is trying to mock Oprah for airing a series of shows the subject of which the author disagrees with.

Personally I applaud Oprah for her effort to educate her audience about plant based diets. the science is clear, besides being the natural diet that humans developed eating. It is also the healthiest diet for humans today.

As for the unhealthy cooking show that the author refers to. There are no shortage of places to get information on eating unhealthy. Indeed, this article is an attempt by the author to dissuade people from considering healthy changes to their diet.

Lastly There may be “no such thing as a vegan” Whatever that means. People who consider themselves vegan make an effort to avoid animal products. Not completely succeeding in eliminating everything from their life does not negate the effort.

Vegans may not be perfect, they’re just in most cases healthier than people who think they are carnivores.

Rachel February 6, 2011

I was going to comment that I never quite get where all the hostility towards vegans comes from with some meat-eaters, spurring them to make ridiculous arguments like the ones in this article, and the silly “no such thing as a vegan” link that it includes. Then I took a closer look and realized that “Ken” probably feels his way of life (and in particular his income) is threatened by the idea of people eating fewer animal products, since he’s associated with the National Corn Growers Association, who write on their website:

“From buffalo wings to beer, corn makes the game day feast possible. Serving as both a livestock feed for the sausage and pepperoni on the pizza and as an additive that gives Miller Lite its refreshing taste, the foods we enjoy while celebrating depend upon the abundant, affordable corn crop our nation’s farmers provide every year.”

So… sorry it scares you, Ken, but try to be open-minded and think rationally about the subject. Quite apart from the concern some of us have about treating other living creatures as mere products for our consumption, there is a very real obesity epidemic going on in this country which should be of concern to all of us, which is part of the reason veganism is getting so much attention.

wwwTHENOIREFFECTcom February 6, 2011

I don’t think that Oprah was making an attempt to transform the world into Vegans but was enlightening them on a subject that she took interest in like most of her shows. I felt that the show made a very good effort at showing all sides and opinions and the fact that they went to a slaughter house was enlightening as well.

I think most people in media are attempting to reach the level of success that Oprah is and it insights jealousy and envy in a lot of people. This article does nothing to give a positive POV and seems more as a personal attack against Oprah because from what I see you may not be a fan for whatever reason. Keep in mind this is a woman who has given over 1/4 of her fortune to charitable causes. Can you say the same?

Terrence February 6, 2011

I always wondered why farmers hate vegans so much, after all, we eat food produced by farmers too!

Then I realized that it is because our style of eating is simply so much more efficient. Vegans eat plants directly, rather than eating animals that ate plants.

I guess farmers see the writing on the wall. We wouldn’t need to convert millions of acres of natural ecosystems into corn, soy, and alfalfa fields for animal consumption. And let’s face it, most farmers aren’t growing food for humans, they are growing feed for livestock. For example, according to the USDA, 85% of corn grown in the U.S. is for livestock feed, and 98% of soy protein is used for animal feed.

What a terrible waste of resources, and what a racket many farmers are invested in. That is why they hate vegans.

Cris February 6, 2011

Reading this article was a wast or my time that I will never get back!

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