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Right to kill wolves before House panel

March 30, 2011

The right to kill wolves
Natural Resource News Note:

The wolf issue is expected to take center stage in an Oregon Legislative House Committee that plans to have a hearing on four wolf related bills.    Oregon Cattlemen’s Association President Bill Hoyt,  said to the Associated Press, “It appears that the political and cultural will of the state of Oregon is to have wolves, and we have no problem with that.  We don’t want to kill every wolf that walks. We simply want to get along as well as we can. But if there is a conflict, we need to be able to defend ourselves.”More on the bills can be found at the Klamath Falls Herald article.

Here are the four bills.

House Bill 3013: Directs State Fish and Wildlife Commission to establish wolf depredation compensation and cost-sharing program for purposes of compensating persons who suffer loss or injury due to wolf depredation and providing financial assistance to persons who implement livestock management techniques or nonlethal wolf control techniques designed to discourage wolf depredation of livestock. Creates Wolf Management Compensation and Proactive Trust Fund and continuously appropriates fund moneys for purpose of providing compensation and financial assistance under program. Appropriates moneys from General Fund for purposes of program. Declares emergency, effective on passage.  Read HB 3013.

House bill 3561
Directs State Fish and Wildlife Commission to update Oregon Wolf Conservation and Management Plan to establish population objective of four breeding pairs of gray wolves for state. Specifies that when population objective is met, commission may not list gray wolf as threatened species or endangered species. House bill 3561

House Bill 3562
Provides that person may take gray wolf in certain situations.
Read House Bill 3562

House Bill 3563
Allows person to take gray wolf in certain situations without cause and without permit from State Fish and Wildlife Commission.
Read House Bill 3563

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skippadoodoo March 31, 2011

Despite what Wolf Free Oregon has to say, Gray Wolves (Canis Lupis) are an indigenous species that has inhabited North America for over 25,000 years (about 15,000 years before any humans lived here). The Native Peoples lived in harmony with the Wolf (as did all of the other indigenous species) and gave it the respect and humane considerations that all animals deserve. About 200 years ago white European settlers came to the west (from someplace else) and brought all of the nonnative invasive species (cattle, horses, sheep, goats, chickens and dogs) that now share the environment with the native indigenous species. When white Europeans and their nonnative species arrived, the newcomers decided that they did not like or accept the naturally created environment that existed and functioned properly for thousands of years before their arrival and so began to manipulate (destroy) and change the natural environment into a man made environment. That is when the problems began and to this day humans are the only ones that seem to have a problem with the way things are as they were created. Destroying that which you don’t understand, accept or tolerate is immoral, unethical, ignorant and inhumane. All animals deserve the same ethical, moral and humane considerations (including Wolves). Humans need to learn to live in, and be a part of the environment that was created for us and not by us. HB 3013 encourages ranchers to use best management practices in order to deter depredations and allows for compensation for confirmed livestock depredations. HB 3562 allows for the lethal control of Wolves in defense of livestock and property. Both are reasonable measures and should be supported. HB 3561 does not provide for a biologically stable population of Wolves in the state and poses a man made (not science based) population cap and an artificial time frame for relisting if the poulation crashes or is in danger of becoming extinct in Oregon. HB 3563 allows for the unreasonable killing of Wolves. No animal should be killed except as a last result in the defense of life or personal property. Please support HB 3013 and HB 3562. Do not support HB 3561 or HB 3563 as these bills are politically motivated and run counter to humane comsiderations and fact based science.

reality22 April 4, 2011

Putting wolves in and about livestock is not fair to the wolf and sets them up for failure. 50% of the wolfs former range in North America still has wolves. Trying to force them upon the local people in poor habitat for wolves at a huge cost to the taxpayer is absurd! The smart conversationalist wants that money spent on preserving habitat!

Oregon legislative bills on wolves « The Salt Lick April 5, 2011

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Ramona Hulick April 19, 2011

There is a reason wolves were eradicated in the past! They a extremely dangerous wild animals. And are not native to Oregon. The need to go! In Idaho they are not only killing other animals, they are close to towns, endangering people.

LongView April 20, 2011

This is not about just this species in this region. This law is a deliberate attempt to build loopholes into existing laws that protect wildlife. It is an attempt set precedents that will then be used in other cases where the line may not be so clear.
It is naieve to think that this is about a single species. This is an attempt to weaken the Endangered species act. If they can do it in this case citing human-wolf conflict, in some future case habitat distruction will be brushed away citing the economic benefit. Remember this… oil and alaska. If this is allowed to happen… those will be next.

Bob J April 20, 2011

ve must bring back the buffalo,many moons befroe the white man come there great herds of them roam through what is now called oregon country.we have decimated them as did the wolf . all have right to live and right to be here . we are the intruder red man and white man ,so we must defer to them. no ,not surrender to, but defer to and allow them to return and live . with huge heards of buffalo again ,there will be no need for wolf to injest cow. or sheep .he will eat well yet allow other species to survive too . a proper balance is what the great spirit intended and must remain.

A Michelle May 4, 2011

^^ Nutjob

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