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New “dummy” ads in Big Oil vs. Ethanol fued

August 29, 2013

National Corn Growers Association

In major markets across the country, Growth Energy is giving television viewers a healthy dose of reality with a series of satirical ads exposing Big Oil’s big plan to keep renewable fuels out of the market. Featuring Mr. Slick and Dummy, a ventriloquist and his puppet, the ads point out how oil interests use misinformation perpetuated by virtual mouthpieces to ramp up rumors about ethanol anyone could recognize as self-serving propaganda if it came from their mouths.

The ads, which will also run in print and online, illustrate what many who study the industry have seen for years. Big Oil manufactures anti-ethanol campaigns for one reason – ensuring they keep a stranglehold on our nation’s energy supply. In parroting the oil industry’s propaganda, ethanol bashing “experts” become no more than puppets for their fossil fuel masters.

Take a moment to check out the ad for yourself by clicking here.

Ethanol offers a renewable alternative to gasoline that frees the United States from an addiction to what Big Oil pushes. It does so while keeping costs down and dollars in our economy.

Don’t be spoon-fed supposed facts cleverly manufactured to come in an easy-to-swallow package. Think about your pocketbook, your environment and your nation’s future. Think about ethanol.

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Bob Clark August 29, 2013

I don’t see why taxpayers should be paying subsidies to the ethanol fuel industry, through ethanol blending credits. Nor should gasoline buyers have to be carrying the cost of second stage renewable energy credits, which are helping drive the price gasoline higher than would other wise be the case. Ethanol industry should have to compete for business just like most other businesses. The oil industry actually is a net taxpayer, rather than a net taker of public monies like the ethanol industry.

MCGIRV August 31, 2013

Right on Bob Clark!

Joe Salas September 3, 2013

The percentage of ethanol in gasoline has cost me money in repairs to small engines and outboard motor. How I have to buy a $10.00 additive for every 12 gallons of gasoline to counter the ethanol. Your ads “use misinformation ….. as self-serving propaganda” coming from your “mouths.” “In parroting the ethanol propaganda, ethanol “experts” become no more than puppets for their environmentalist masters.”

D FInch September 6, 2013

Bob, you’ve got Big Oil’s hand in your puppetry. Ethanol subsidies ended in 2011. The only fuel subsidies we’re paying for now are going to the oil industry. Ethanol lowers the price of gas. This has been demonstrated countless times by numerous groups. And EVEN IF taxpayers were on the line (we aren’t), ethanol is a clean-burning renewable fuel that we can grown at home, so it would still make sense to move toward an intelligent fuel for future generations.

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