Virginia Kutsch Receives AAW LEAVEN Award!

From The Cultivator,  Oregon Women for Agriculture.

Virginia Kutsch is so deserving of AAW’s LEAVEN award. She was born to a farm family in Iowa. Virginia moved to Oregon as a small child in the early 30’s and settled in Shedd. She grew up working in agriculture and worked for the Thompson Flour Mill after high school, before marrying Mike Kutsch.

She raised two children and was the chief of the household on the farm. Virginia and Mike have been married for 54 years and have seven grandchildren, the last of which graduated from college this June. They also have two great-grandsons. Virginia notes that her grandchildren have wonderful memories of farming, chickens and gardening around the Kutsch family farm, and everyone looks forward to “Grandma’s treats.” They fondly remember the energy she puts into their birthday and wedding cakes and sewing projects.

She is always there for her family. Virginia has a great sense of humor, as well as unending faith that keeps
her together. She and Mike have always been a team. They were not wealthy, but their children had things money could not buy. Those values are instilled in everyone of their grandchildren.

Virginia has great empathy as well as a big heart. Her family, friends and faith are most important to her. Virginia’s artistic talent and her recognition of the purpose of our organization are extremely valuable. She
is a willing member to cooperate, participate and build others in a positive manner. Her many talents, gifts, and devotion for all aspects of agriculture distinguishes her a worthy recipient for the AAW Leaven Award. Virginia is a member of the Linn/Benton chapter of OWA. Oregon Women for Agriculture congratulate Virginia on her outstanding achievement.

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