Students Awarded Oregon Farm Bureau Memorial Scholarships

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From Oregon Farm Bureau,

15 Students Awarded Oregon Farm Bureau Memorial Scholarships for 2008-09

Academic Year.  The Oregon Agricultural Education Foundation (OAEF) is pleased to announce the following fifteen (15) recipients of the Oregon Farm Bureau Memorial Scholarship. This scholarship program is open to any Oregon high school graduate preparing for an agriculture or forestry-related career. Students attending institutions outside of Oregon are also eligible. The goal of the OFB Memorial Scholarship is to “Support students that would have a positive impact on production agriculture and other agricultural-related fields.”

The following student received a $1,500 scholarship (1):

Kristin Hogan of Tillamook, OR

Junior – Animal Science & General Agriculture

Oregon State University

The following students received a $1,000 scholarship (10):

Dustin Kreger of Long Creek, OR

Sophomore – Ag Business

University of Idaho

Jared Sharp of Dayton, OR

Sophomore – Ag Business & Ag Communications

South Plains College, TX

Jana vonBorstel of Grass Valley, OR

Freshman – Animal Sciences

Oregon State University

Hannah DelCurto of Cove, OR

Freshman – Ag Education

Oregon State University

Henry Heiser of Dayton, OR

Sophomore – Crop & Soil Science

Oregon State University

Rob Bixby of Riddle, OR

Freshman – Ag Management

Oregon State University

Nolan R. Mills of Pilot Rock, OR

Senior – Ag Systems/Production Management

University of Idaho

Eli Worden of Klamath Falls, OR

Freshman – Ag Business Management

Shasta College, CA

Rena Berrett of Jordan Valley, OR

Freshman – Ag Business Management

Utah State University

Kip Krebs of Ione, OR

Freshman – Ag Business

Oregon State University

The following students received a $750 scholarship (4):

John Seymour of Cloverdale, OR

Sophomore – Ag Business & Ag Communications

South Plains College, TX

Jami Cate of Lebanon, OR

Senior – Crop & Soil Science

Oregon State University

Megan O’Leary of Paisley, OR

Freshman – Animal Science/Pre-Vet Med

Oregon State University

Taunie Lewis of Tygh Valley, OR

Sophomore – Ag Business Management

OSU & Linn Benton Community College

OAEF and Oregon Farm Bureau congratulate all scholarship winners.

For more information, contact Dana Eckfield, OAEF Scholarship Coordinator, at [email protected]

About OAEF

The Oregon Agricultural Education Foundation (OAEF) is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization formed to support, provide, and encourage education, training, and study in the field of agriculture. This foundation offers educational opportunities and research in subjects that relate to or benefit Oregon agriculture and farmers, such as the Oregon Century Farm and Ranch Program, the Oregon Farm Bureau  Memorial Scholarship Program, and the Summer Ag Institute.

About Oregon Farm Bureau

Oregon Farm Bureau is Oregon’s largest agricultural advocacy organization. Founded as a statewide, voluntary membership organization in 1932 and with county roots dating to 1919, Oregon Farm Bureau today represents almost 9,000 Oregon farm and ranch families.


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