Brand inspection fee increase now in effect

[Oregon Department of Agriculture]The Oregon Department of Agriculture has adopted a per-head fee of $1.00 for the livestock industry’s Brand Inspection Program effective immediately. The 15 cent increase in the per-head fee is expected to maintain the program at its current level of service. Because expenses for 2008 were higher than anticipated, the program needed additional revenue to cover future expenses. Without additional revenue this year, the program was likely to face a negative cash balance by 2009-2010. A negative cash balance could trigger legislative action that might seriously compromise the program.

ODA staff will continue to evaluate long term funding and program activities. During the 2007 legislative session, ODA promised both the industry and lawmakers that discussions between interested parties will be a priority. As the Brand Inspection Program evolves and industry priorities arises, reassessment of the program will be necessary.

The new inspection fee was adopted following two public hearings held in August. Support for the increase came from the industry’s Brand Advisory Group.

For more information, contact State Brand Inspector Rodger Huffman at (541) 562-9169 or the program’s Western Operations Manager Jack Noble at (503) 986-4692.

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