OFS Paulette Pyle is back in Oregon. Recuperating.

A special update from Sandi Schukar, Oregonians for Food and Shelter.

The news about Paulette.  She’s home, and darned happy to be there.  They couldn’t get a flight out of Vienna until Tuesday, so they arrived at PDX Tuesday night.  Both she and Ken were exhausted from a long day of travelling, so they spent the night with Ken’s brother who lives in the Portland area.  Within an hour of leaving there on Wednesday morning, Paulette was on her cell phone checking in with all of her political cronies and completely up to speed on the election races and polling.  Did we expect anything less from her?

In all seriousness, she is SO happy to be home and thanks all of you for your cards, well wishes and prayers.  She saw her doctor yesterday.  He wants her doing NOTHING until at least the first part of December.  She didn’t like what he had to say, but will be a good patient and follow doctors’ orders.

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