Cap and Tax Plan Out of Economic Touch

Erica Hagedorn, Spokeswoman
Oregonians for Balanced Climate Policy

Business-Labor Group Asks Lawmakers to Recognize that a New Environmental Proposal is a Jobs Killer with a Jaw-Dropping $11.5 Billion Price Tag Salem, Ore – Oregonians for Balanced Climate Policy (OBCP) joined Oregon utilities today in urging Oregon lawmakers to adopt a measurable and carefully planned approach to reducing carbon emissions that does not harm working families and businesses.

“With 250,000 Oregonians out of work today, the Senate’s latest climate change proposal adds fuel to the fire,” said Erica Hagedorn, an OBCP spokeswoman. “The costs of adopting this proposal are staggering. Our group has an alternative plan that we will present to legislators to reduce carbon without breaking the bank.”

The Senate’s cap and tax proposal will cost Oregonians at minimum $11.5 billion to implement, resulting in cripplingly higher electricity rates. This figure does not include higher costs for gasoline, natural gas and other fuels. “This scheme is all pain and no gain. This plan proposes to reduce carbon by intentionally increasing power rates and rendering Oregon the only jurisdiction in the world to halt the use of carbon-based energy. Oregonians and our fragile economy cannot afford tremendous price increases,” said Hagedorn.

OBCP is advancing the Oregon Carbon Reduction Act of 2009, which addresses carbon reductions while considering the economy. OBCP is a broadbased industry, utility, agriculture, timber and labor coalition dedicated to supporting economically sensible CO2 reduction policies. Oregon’s CO2 emissions account for less than 1 percent of U.S. emissions and only 5 percent of western state emissions. ###

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