Court scores landowner victory for late Dorothy English

Dave Hunnicutt
Oregonians In Action,

The Oregon Court of Appeals issued a decision today that requires Multnomah County to pay $1,150,000 to the Estate of Dorothy English.  At long last, Dorothy has finally won!!!  The Court rejected and reversed a lower decision by the Multnomah County Circuit Court, which had held that Multnomah County was not obligated to satisfy the judgment which Dorothy had obtained against them.  The Court held that a final judgment is just that – a final judgment.  If a party is obligated to pay damages, and a final judgment is entered, then that party must pay.

In Dorothy’s case, a Multnomah County judge ordered the County to pay Dorothy $1,150,000 in damages under Measure 37.  Multnomah County appealed that decision, but then dropped their appeal.  Nine months later, Dorothy attempted to collect her money, and the County refused to pay.  Today, the Court of Appeals put a stop to the County’s despicable acts.

Dorothy used to talk about the day when she would finally “get even with the bastards that took her land.”  Today is that day.  My only regret is that Dorothy is not here to celebrate with the rest of us.  I suspect she knows what’s happened, and is having a good laugh.

For Joe Willis and everyone at Schwabe Williamson who worked on this case, thank you – you’ve done a great service for a great lady.  And for all of you who have asked me about Dorothy and about this case, thank you for caring.  Today is a really good day.

Dave Hunnicutt

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