Pacific Seafood leads industry in traceability

Company’s Proprietary Tracking System Follows Fish from Dock to Dinner Table
Pacific Seafood

PORTLAND, Ore. – Pacific Seafood, a family-owned seafood company based in Portland, Ore., is leading the seafood industry in implementing traceability practices with its Automated Production Control© (APC) tracking system. The system helps protect consumers and the health of the industry, while addressing recent food safety concerns and consumers’ growing demand that seafood processors can identify the source of the seafood they are selling.

Developed in-house, Pacific Seafood’s APC© system tracks fish from dock to delivery with an integrated labeling and fish ticket function. When implemented, the system can isolate product and quickly provide Pacific Seafood specific information. The system tracks and stores:

* What boat the product came in on
* When and where it was unloaded
* The equipment the product came in contact with
* When the product went into production
* Where the product was shipped

“Consumers are becoming more demanding about knowing where their food comes from and how it is grown, harvested or produced – as they should,” said Frank Dulcich, president and CEO of Pacific Seafood Group. “This technology allows Pacific Seafood to identify where product is at any time from the moment it is unloaded to the moment it is delivered.”

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About Pacific Seafood

Pacific Seafood Group is a West Coast seafood processing company that launched in 1941 as a small, fresh seafood retail operation in Portland, Ore. Over the years, the family-owned business expanded to become a vertically integrated seafood processing and distributing company to meet customers’ needs and a growing market. Pacific Seafood processes seafood products from Alaska to Mexico, has facilities in seven Western states and participates in the global seafood trade market. It is a member of the West Coast Seafood Processors Association and is active in promoting a healthy and sustainable seafood industry by supporting fisheries awarded Marine Stewardship Council eco-labels. Pacific Seafood is under the leadership of Frank Dulcich, the founder’s namesake and grandson, who will be chairman of the National Fisheries Institute in 2011. For more information visit:

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