HB 2414 overturns election history

Highlights from an OFS Legislative Alert
Oregonians for Food and Shelter

In the 11th hour of the of Legislative Session, the Oregon Legislature has gutted-and-stuffed House Bill 2414 to overturn Oregon’s election history and sew confusion for Oregon voting on referrals. Under the new language of the bill, initiatives on Oregon’s ballots will have drastically different meanings at the ballot box. Put simply, a YES vote will mean “No,” while a NO vote will mean “Yes. This bill is a direct affront against the new Corporate Minimum tax proposal we opposed earlier this session, which will likely be overturned by Oregon voters in the next election.

More technically speaking, any state measure referred to the people by referendum include the phrase “Overturns Legislation” in the caption. It also requires two “understandable” statements of not more than 25 words in the ballot title. If you’re not confused by this you are not paying attention, because the amendment is meant to create a fog of confusion in Oregon’s referendum process.

The mischievous amendment to House Bill 2414 overturns both Oregon history and elemental logic in one fell swoop.

Sandra K. Schukar,
Office Manager
Oregonians for Food and Shelter

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