New Field Burning Ban Bill Introduced – SB 985

Oregon Farm Bureau Alert,

Today, Senator Prozanski and Representative Holvey introduced a last minute attempt to ban the use of field burning as a management tool.  SB 985, which is actually a referral out to Oregon voters, would ban field burning, burning of stacks or piles and propane flaming of grass or grain crops in the Willamette Valley and allow the Environmental Quality Commission to designate additional areas of critical concern where burning would be banned.

Numerous polls have shown that majority of Oregonians support Oregon agriculture and their management practices.  However to fight the ballot measure and preserve agriculture practices, it is going to be an expensive and unnecessary ballot measure campaign funded on the backs of Oregon family farmers.

SB 528-B, the other field burning ban bill, will be voted on by the Senate this week.  We are expecting to see the bill pass the Senate, but as long as the grassroots continue to contact their Representatives, believe there are not the votes in the House.

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