Hunters now have way to purchase tag after deadline

Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife,

SALEM, Ore.—ODFW is now offering hunters that have missed the tag sale deadline a process that allows them to still buy their tag and go hunting. Beginning today, hunters that pay a $6.50 fee in addition to the tag fee and sign an affidavit stating they have not yet hunted during the season will be allowed to purchase the tag. “Every year, we hear from hunters that failed to buy their tag due to an unforeseen circumstance, or SportsPac license holders that have already purchased a tag but failed to pick it up on time,” says Deanna Erickson, ODFW licensing services manager. “None of us like turning away hunters who have often already invested considerable time, effort and money preparing for the season.

We want to give everyone that wants to go hunting the chance to do so,” she added.

Hunters that wish to purchase a tag after the deadline must contact ODFW’s Licensing Services in Salem (503-947-6100) directly or through an ODFW field office that sells licenses. If purchasing at a field office, ODFW Licensing Services will need to fax an affidavit to that location for the hunter to sign. Hunters should anticipate that it will take one to three working days to complete the process and get the tag.

Beginning in 2010, the fee to purchase a tag after the deadline (the duplicate tag fee) will be $17.00.

It remains illegal to hunt without the appropriate tag in possession. All tag sale deadlines listed in the regulations are still in effect and those deadline dates follow:


Western Oregon Deer Centerfire – Oct. 2

Black Bear (General and SW Additional) – Oct. 2

Cougar (General and Additional) – Oct. 2

Cascade Elk – Oct. 16

Rocky Mt Elk Centerfire, 1st season – Oct. 27

Rocky Mt Elk Centerfire, 2nd season – Nov. 6

Coast Elk Centerfire, 1st season – Nov. 13

Coast Elk Centerfire, 2nd season – Nov. 20


Contact: Michelle Dennehy (503) 947-6022 / (503) 931-2748

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