Farm Bureau Issues Alert: DSL Proposes Rule Change

DSL Proposes Rule Changes Affecting Farmers and Ranchers Across Oregon
By Oregon Farm Bureau,

The Oregon Department of State Lands (DSL) is proposing new rule changes that will have a tremendous impact on property owners along navigable rivers, coastal rivers and streams.   Please take a moment to review these changes and submit comments if you are a part of the affected community.

The rule changes of most concern are as follows:

• Fees on rip rap will increase from $125 to $250 for a five year registration. Oregon Farm Bureau (OFB) believes most rip rap structures are established to provide a public good by preventing excessive flooding and soil erosion and should therefore be exempted from fees altogether.

• DSL currently defines tide gates as part of an easement structure. These are subject to a $750 registration fee for up to 30 years.  Most farmers and ranchers are not aware of any registration fee for tide gate structures previous to the notification of these rule changes.  Because DSL never extended the burden of a fee for tide gates to many of our members, OFB finds these rule changes to be an unnecessary burden to our affected members and we strongly oppose them.

• DSL rules will also define submerged irrigation equipment as an easement structure subject to a registration fee of $125 for up to 30 years. OFB believes the Oregon Legislature exempted these structures from any fee requirements in 2003 with passage of Senate Bill 82.  We oppose any registration fees on critical irrigation equipment needed for efficient and productive land use.

Many of these structures are essential to prevent damage caused by flooding and soil erosion.  OFB is asking all members to consider joining OFB in submitting comments to DSL in opposition to these fee assessments.  If you have any questions or comments, please contact Jennifer Shmikler at (503) 399-1701 or [email protected].  Comments are due by Thursday, December 24 at 5pm.  You can submit your comments via mail or email to:

Ms. Liz Martino
Rules Coordinator
Oregon Department of State Lands
775 Summer Street NE, Suite 100
Salem, OR 97301-1279

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