Century Farm-Ranch Award and Sesquicentennial Awards Open

2010 Century Farm & Ranch Award Applications and 2010 Sesquicentennial Award Applications Are Now Available
By Oregon Agricultural Education Foundation

(Salem, Or) – Applications are now being accepted for the 2010 award year of the Century Farm & Ranch Program, a statewide recognition program honoring farmers and ranchers who have worked the same land for at least 100 years.  Applications are also available for the Sesquicentennial Award, introduced by the Program in 2008, honoring families with farms or ranches continuously worked for 150 years or more.  The Program, celebrating its 52nd year, is administered through the Oregon Agricultural Education Foundation (OAEF) in Salem and is partially funded by the Oregon Farm Bureau, the State Historic Preservation Office (Department of Parks & Recreation), the Oregon Department of Agriculture, the Oregon Travel Information Council, various county farm bureaus, agriculture-based organizations, and individuals.

Family farmers and ranchers throughout Oregon are encouraged to apply for the Century Award and / or the Sesquicentennial Award by the June 1, 2010 deadline.  Successful applicants receive a personalized certificate, with acknowledgment by the Governor and the Director of the Oregon Department of Agriculture.  A durable metal road side sign to identify the family’s farm or ranch as having historic Century or Sesquicentennial status is also available.  Each family will be honored during a special ceremony and reception at the Oregon State Fair.

To receive the application guidelines for either award, please contact Glenn Mason, Oregon Century Farm & Ranch Program Coordinator at (503) 297-5892 or [email protected] or you may download the application guidelines from the Department of Agriculture website at:  http://oregon.gov/ODA/cfr.shtml.  Applications are also available at the OAEF office at the Oregon Farm Bureau, 3415 Commercial St., Salem, OR. Contact Janice Reed at OAEF at (503) 399-1701, for further information.

The Oregon Century Farm & Ranch Program is a program within the Oregon Agricultural Education Foundation. OAEF is a 501 ( c ) 3 Oregon non-profit organization and is included in the Oregon Cultural Trust’s list of organizations eligible for the Cultural Trust matching gift program. For more information about the Oregon Agricultural Education Foundation, please call (503) 399-1701, Ext. 327 or send inquiries by mail to:  Janice Reed, OAEF, 3415 Commercial Street S.E., Salem, OR  97302.

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