Sneak Peek into Legislative Natural Resource Bills

Here is a sample of some of the Natural Resource Bills that are being proposed for the February Legislative Session.

Senate Bill 1036
Reauthorizes establishment of guest ranches on land zoned for exclusive farm use in eastern Oregon. Deems guest ranches established under sunsetted law to be conforming use under new authority for guest ranches.

Senate Bill 1060
Establishes public right to recreational use of certain waterways. Specifies extent and limitations of right. Limits liability of owners of property immediately adjacent to waterways. Requires Department of State Lands to work with Department of State Police and other agencies to resolve issues related to recreational use of waterways. Punishes violation of statute or rule regulating public access to waterways by fine of up to $360.

Senate Bill 1032
Creates unlawful practice of manufacturing, distributing or selling liquid or food in container made with bisphenol A if liquid or food is intended primarily for consumption by child under three years of age. Creates unlawful practice of manufacturing, distributing or selling container made with bisphenol A if container is designed to be

Senate Bill 997
Modifies description of certain lands, defined as “resource lands,” from which development may be transferred.

House Bill 3608
Establishes tax credit for transportation of woody biomass from forest management operations to biofuel producer. Establishes tax credit for biomass electrical generation based on kilowatt hours of electricit produced. Establishes tax credit for purchase of equipment to collect or process waste materials or to manufacture product from waste materials.
Applies to tax years beginning on or after January 1, 2010. Directs State Department of Energy to conduct study of biomass facility sites in state. Takes effect on 91st day following adjournment sine die.

House Bill 3645
Allows public utility full cost recovery for hydrogen power station investments. Allows hydrogen
power stations using anhydrous ammonia to qualify for renewable portfolio standards.

Senate Bill 1031
Modifies requirements for siting destination resorts.

Senate Bill 1023
Specifies that State of Oregon waives all claim to title to certain lands. Recognizes private ownership of those lands.

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