BLM Announces Collaborative Forestry Project

Roseburg BLM Announces Collaborative Forestry Project
Bureau of Land Management,

Roseburg, OR –The Bureau of Land Management’s Roseburg District is initiating a public process to apply principles of “collaborative forestry” in the District. The initial scoping meeting for the Roseburg Collaborative Forestry Pilot project is scheduled for Wednesday night, February 24 at 6:30 at the Roseburg District BLM office at 777 Garden Valley Boulevard in Roseburg. This collaborative approach is based on the following three goals:

– Accelerate the development of habitat components across the landscape as needed to support the conservation and recovery of Northern Spotted Owls and Marbled Murrelets;
– Reduce the hazard of uncharacteristically large/intense wildfire in dry forest types as needed to support landscape and community fire resiliency/resistance; and
– Provide reliable and substantial timber volume to support employment, income and public services while recovery planning/critical habitat designation and associated land use planning are addressed.

The Roseburg District proposes a sequential process open to interested members of the public, local government, tribal interests and State and Federal agencies. The steps would entail an intensive scoping process using a facilitated, project management approach where participants would work together to:

– Develop at least one “moist forest” habitat development project and at least one “dry forest” fire resiliency/habitat development project (estimated scale of 200-300 acres per project);

– Develop the projects from the ground up, using the BLM specialists for technical support as needed;
– Use the design process as a forum for addressing social values, environmental values and economic values; and
– Employ the collective experience of project design to develop guiding parameters or principles that BLM could then apply to the development of a full year’s worth of conservation forestry projects.

For additional information, please contact BLM’s Roseburg Public Affairs Officer, Bob Hall, at (541) 464-3245.

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