Oregon Property Rights Convention — April 10th

The Oregonians In Action Education Center is holding its annual Land Use Forum on Saturday, April 10 at the Holiday Inn in Wilsonville.
Oregonians In Action

This year, we have a great program featuring speakers from the Oregon Department of Land Conservation and Development, candidates for state and federal office (this portion of the program will be sponsored by OIA PAC), and land use experts.

Forum attendees can expect the following:

1.    A chance to meet candidates for Congress and the Oregon Governor’s race;

2.    An update on county efforts to implement House Bill 2229, the bill that gives counties the opportunity to fix the many zoning mistakes that plague rural property owners;

3.    An update on all land use and water bills from the 2010 legislative special session;

4.    The latest on Ballot Measure 49, how claims are being processed, when people can expect a decision;

5.    A “how to” guide on working with counties and cities on a land use application – how to file a claim, what is required, who you can talk to for help, and how the process works.  This is a must hear panel for anyone who is thinking about submitting a land use application, including Measure 49 claimants;

6.    The latest updates on climate change legislation at the state and federal levels, and what impact that legislation could have on property owners and our economy.

Our distinguished list of faculty include Richard Whitman, Director of the Oregon Department of Land Conservation and Development, Dorothy Cofield, a land use attorney who has represented hundreds of clients in the local land use process, Dr. Gordon Fulks, a retired physicist and noted expert on climate change, and Judith Moore, Director of the Measure 49 Division at the Oregon Department of Land Conservation and Development.

Simply put, if you are a property owner, the Land Use Forum is an event that you must attend.

For more information and to register, please visit our website, www.oia.org, fill out & mail in the attached form or call us at (503) 620-0258.

Dave Hunnicutt
Oregonians In Action

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