State bans English ivy, butterfly bush to stop spread

English ivy, butterfly bush prompt changes to noxious weed quarantine
Oregon Department of Agriculture,

The Oregon Department of Agriculture has amended its Noxious Weed Quarantine to reflect changes in status of two popular but potentially invasive plants- English ivy and butterfly bush. Effective June 1, 2010, the propagation, transport, purchase, or sale of English ivy, Hedera helix and Hedera hibernica, will be prohibited in Oregon. The prohibition includes indoor or patio  uses as well as floral arrangements. ODA is offering a grace period so businesses that currently have ivy in stock can still sell their inventory. However, those businesses are not allowed to bring in replacement plants as their stock is depleted.

Meanwhile, effective immediately, the propagation, transport, purchase, or sale of butterfly bush, Buddleja davidii is prohibited in Oregon with the exception of sterile varieties that produce little or no seed.

ODA approved sterile varieties of Buddleja, including inter-specific hybrids are not regulated and may be propagated and sold if labeled as “Seedless Butterfly Bush” and “Produces less than 2% viable seed”.  ODA will issue exemptions to nurseries that wish to sell B. davidii they have on hand to out-of-state customers. These exemptions will be issued through the end of 2010 and will not be extended.

Both English ivy and butterfly bush are considered noxious weeds in Oregon because of their threat to the state’s natural habitat and their ability to outcompete native vegetation. Both have been found to escape from gardens and even indoor settings. In the case of English ivy, the plant can easily smother trees and other vegetation.

The state’s Noxious Weed Quarantine has also been amended to prohibit the growing or sale of Scotch broom in Oregon regardless of the variety or cultivar. Cytissus scoparious should not be grown or sold in Oregon effective immediately.

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