Governor signs HB 3696 — Death tax refund bill

From Oregon Wheat Growers League

HB 3696 Signed by Governor — Department of Revenue is prepared to receive Refund Applications from Impacted Natural Resource Estates Reference: New Oregon Form NRE for Natural Resource Property Inheritance Tax Refund Application As provided in the Oregon Legislative Assembly, 2010 Special Session, House Bill (HB) 3696, Sections 85–88, an estate may apply for a refund of Oregon inheritance tax related to the natural resource property exclusion. If the estate filed an Oregon Form IT-1 and either claimed the natural resource property exclusion or would have qualified for the natural resource property exclusion but did not claim the exclusion, the estate may be entitled to a refund.

Link to 2010 HB 3696:

Please see the DOR’s new Form NRE (Rev. 03-10) for more information and instructions for the refund claim. Please contact the estate tax unit at [email protected] if you

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