Help Put Death Taxes to Rest

Action Plan
By American Farm Bureau Federation
and Oregon Farm Bureau

The face of agriculture is changed by the Estate Tax (aka Death Tax). Family farms can be altered or lost forever when family members must sell land, buildings, and equipment to generate the money to pay the tax.  Congress needs to act before next year — or a 55 percent tax will be imposed on farm and ranch estates worth $1 million or more come January 1.   Farm Bureau is seeking a higher exemption that if unused can be transferred to a surviving spouse. And we need your stories to help us NOW!   We need farmers and ranchers who have been impacted by Death Taxes to take action. We are seeking stories from members who went through expensive planning or need reform to pass along their operation to the next generation.

Please take a few minutes to share your story online

To help AFBF gather stories, we have setup an easy-to-use “Share Your Story” feature on the FBACT Insider website ( Personal stories influence members of Congress, therefore we need to collect as many of these stories as possible.

We are asking members to provide us with the following:

* Has your farm been affected by Estate Taxes either because of a death in your family or by the high costs of estate planning

* How does a $3.5 million exemption impact you?

* Are you better served with a higher exemption?

* What if the exemption was just $1 million?


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