Western Pulp’s Products Validated as Sustainable

The company proves credibility and integrity through SCS certification
By Western Pulp Products

CORVALLIS, Ore., 1 June 2010 – Western Pulp Products (WPP) headquartered in Corvallis, Oregon has chosen to recertify their products through the Scientific Certification Systems (SCS) for the third year in a row. WPP’s products have been verified for minimum recycled content, unlike other companies whose assertions of sustainability are causing a rash of earth-friendly claims that are raising red flags and spurring a rise in lawsuits.

SCS is a global leader in independent certification and verification of environmental, sustainability, stewardship, food quality, food safety and food purity claims. WPP chose SCS to verify its content because the company has internationally recognized standards and certification programs in pursuit of the highest level of environmental performance and social accountability.

“This certification gives credence to the point that we want to be factual and stay away from any unsupported claims,” explains WPP Marketing & Sales Manager Jim Lee. “Anytime we state that our products are made from recycled paper fiber, we want consumers to know that it’s backed with credible SCS certification.”

“Our success in paper recycling reflects a commitment to conserve natural resources and recognition that recovered paper is an important raw material in producing innovative molded fiber products,” says Rick Hurley, WPP’s Vice President of Technology. “Our use of recovered paper keeps it out of landfills and ensures we get the maximum value out of wood fiber.”

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About Western Pulp Products:
Since 1958, Western Pulp Products Company (WPP) has manufactured a variety of innovative molded fiber products that: Divert waste fiber from landfills or incineration; displace products that are not biodegradable; use renewable and sustainable materials; and recycle, compost or biodegrade after use. Unlike many products that are made overseas, WPP manufactures with recycled paper in compliance with rigid local, state and federal regulations, and reflects their on-going commitment to conserve natural resources. Headquartered in Corvallis, Ore., WPP operates out of six states. For more information, visit www.westernpulp.com.

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