$10,000 for wolf killer

$10,000 for wolf-killer
By Natural Resource Report News Note;

A federally ESA protected wolf was killed in the Umatilla Forests in northeastern Oregon. Conservation organizations have put up $7,500 and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Department is putting up $2,500 as a reward for information on the killer. The cause of death is unknown and still being investigated. It comes on the heels of two other recent wolf deaths.The maximum penalty for killing an endangered animal is $100,000 fine and a one year in jail.

Greg Dyson, executive director of the Hells Canyon group, said “We are offering the reward because of the hostility to wolves in the region and to counteract the hostility by honing in on the fact that this is an illegal act that occurred, There’s room for both wolves and ranching, but there have got to be above-the-board efforts to make it work. We’ve been concerned by some of the public statements leaders from other groups have made that are strongly anti-wolf. We’re concerned that they have been incendiary and may have encouraged someone to take the law into their own hands.”
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