25% budget cut to forest group

How one local natural resource group is trimming down
By Oregon Forest Resource Institute

OFRI has successfully negotiated a new six-year lease that allows it to continue working from its downtown Portland location in the historic U.S. National Bank building, 317 SW Sixth Ave., through June 2016.

The new lease reduces OFRI’s floor space and the per-square-foot lease payments for a total savings of more than 25 percent from current monthly costs. Average annual cost savings during the six-year period are expected to be in excess of $20,000.

Executive Director Paul Barnum said the new lease allows OFRI to remain focused on its forestry education mission, while operating from a smaller space made appropriate when the staff was reduced from nine to seven employees in 2008.

Some minor remodeling will occur to create a new conference room and to wall off space no longer needed.

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