ODFW seeks candidates for Fish Passage Task Force

ODFW seeks candidates for Fish Passage Task Force
Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife

SALEM – The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife is seeking three members to represent water users, fishing and conservation interests and the public-at-large on the state’s Fish Passage Task Force. The Task Force advises the Director and the Department on fish passage matters in Oregon, including cost sharing and priority setting. The nine volunteer members of the Fish Passage Task Force are appointed by the ODFW Director and are eligible to serve two four-year consecutive terms. Task Force members represent water users, fisheries and conservation interests, and the general public.

“The Task Force is instrumental in the successful implementation of Oregon’s Fish Passage Statutes,” said Greg Apke, ODFW Statewide Fish Passage Program Coordinator. “Their role in bringing myriad perspectives into the fish passage arena creates a program that is responsive to both native migratory fish and societal needs.”

State law requires landowners and operators to provide passage for adult and juvenile native migratory fish whenever there is new construction, major replacement, a permit change or abandonment. Providing fish safe and effective access to historic habitat is one of the best ways to conserve and restore Oregon’s native migratory fish populations.

Qualified individuals interested in serving on the Task Force can visit Oregon Fish Passage Task Force or can request additional information or an application from Greg Apke, at (503) 947-6228. He also can be reached by e-mail at [email protected] .

Applications will be accepted through Dec. 1, 2010.

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