Beaver bias at Oregon civil war game?

Is there an Oregon State University Beaver bias among timber and farmers at the University of Oregon Duck OSU Beaver civil war game?
Guest Opinion,

Loyal Oregon State University Football Beaver fans are well aware that on third downs out comes the chain saw noise rally with the video screen showing OSU’s Benny Beaver cutting down trees.  This year I noticed that Benny the Beaver wore an Oregon Associated Loggers emblem on the back of his short (see blurry picture below).   The OAL logo also appears at the bottom right hand of the jumbo tron.    Knowing that this year’s University of Oregon Ducks OSU Beaver Civil War game may be the most watched and anticipated in over 100 years — credit goes to the Associated Logger’s advertising team.   Does this imply that the Oregon Duck mascot is sponsored by The Department of Fish and Wildlife or the Oregon Zoo?   There is a tilt of favoritism towards the Beavers by those in the natural resource industry because of OSU’s extensive agriculture program.  As a Beaver fan, I can tell you we are conjuring up any facet of hope and inspiration we can in preparation for Saturday’s Civil War game.

another picture below:

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