Stolen cattle reappearing at their ranches

Natural Resource News Note:

The Oregonian reports this week about the phenomenon of stolen cattle reappearing at the homes of their rancher’s home years later. The article describes how the Collins family lost 150 Cattle, worth $115,000, a few years ago. Last year 20 of the cows returned suddenly. In Malhuer County, cattle thieves have taken over one thousand cattle which has the value of over one million dollars lost.

The reason listed for the returning cows is fear of being caught. All of the cows returned have been branded cows.  None of the returned cattle have been unbranded.  More cows may have been stolen than have been reported stolen. Many ranchers would rather keep quiet about personal thefts than go public with what has happened to them.

The article is entitled “the Oregon ranchers hit by rustlers finding a surprise this winter: returning cows”. Read the returning cow story here.

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