NEW DEQ water rules may damage Oregon economy

New Water Quality Standards Threaten Oregon’s Economy
By Oregon Prosperity Project

Water quality standards are designed to protect human health from toxic pollutants that may accumulate in Oregon’s fish and water sources. Oregon’s high water quality standards currently do the job of protecting Oregonians’ health while also allowing key economic industries to play a vital role in our state’s economy.

But what happens when regulators go overboard? Industries are shut down. Jobs are lost. Entire communities are devastated.

Oregon’s Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) is now proposing the most stringent water quality standards in the nation – far more strict than the current federal standards and significantly more stringent than anywhere else in the country. (Find out more)

The new water quality standards being proposed by the Oregon DEQ today represent the greatest threat to Oregon’s economy.

As a result of environmental lawsuits and pressure from the federal EPA, The Oregon DEQ is taking public comment on these proposed regulations through March.

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