The Oprah vegan contradiction

The Oprah vegan contradiction noted by farmers
By Ken,
National Corn Growers Association

With many folks stuck inside because of snow and ice, the farm world was abuzz on social media Tuesday about another great installment of the Oprah Winfrey Show where she yet again tells us how we really should live our lives. This week, she apparently wants us all to be vegans.

Well, that’s just nice. I wonder how Godiva feels about the Queen of Conspicuous Consumption, who once had her studio set made entirely of fancy chocolate?

And then there are Anna and Christina, whose show on cooking appears on the Oprah Winfrey Network (Called OWN). In today’s episode, our perky and intrepid young cooks have fun with fat:

“There are many low-fat cookbooks on the market, but Fat is a cookbook that actually promotes eating animal fats like lard and butter. Watch as Anna & Kristina’s diets REALLY go out the window when they do a thermometer test involving deep-frying a bunch of chocolate bars!”

But let’s not forget … there is no such thing as a vegan.

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