Stop blaming farmers for food price increases

AP Story Finds Other Causes for Food Price Increases
By Cindy
National Corn Growers Association

A story circulated by the Associated Press this week is a breath of fresh air for farmers and ethanol producers in that it actually puts the blame on other factors for food prices increases!  Shocking, I know. The article headline proclaims “Experts say energy, weather, unrest more likely responsible for higher food costs than farmers,” something the industry has been saying for years now.

The experts they cite include Iowa State University agricultural economist Chad Hart. “When you look at the cost of our food, it is related to the cost of corn, soybeans and wheat and cattle but also the cost of oil, gas, diesel and unrest in other parts of the world,” he is quoted as saying.

The article also pointed out the recent USDA report that estimates farmers now receive an average of just 11.6 cents of the food dollar. “While the commodity and food prices have been going up, the share going back to the farmer has been going down,” Hart said.

The original story, which also quotes National Corn Growers CEO Rick Tolman and Matt Hartwig with the Renewable Fuels Association, was written by reporter Michael J. Crumb. He should be thanked for giving the farmers’ side of the story for a change. What is even more amazing is that there are virtually no negative comments (at least yet) on the Forbes and Washington Post versions of the story, so go make some positive ones!

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