Farm Bureau Legislative Update

Stuck in the Senate
HB 3562 – Allows the taking of a gray wolf 500 feet from a home.

To remain moving forward through the legislative process, bills must be scheduled for a work session in their assigned committee. There are several bills that Oregon Farm Bureau (OFB) actively supports that are sitting in the Senate Environment and Natural Resources, which unfortunately have not yet been scheduled.

These are all bills that have broad support from the natural resources community and passed the House of Representatives with bipartisan support. OFB members are encouraged to contact their Senators in support of the bills below and contact the Committee Chair, Senator Jackie Dingfelder ([email protected]) to request scheduling of the bills of interest to you.

HB 2873 – Clarifies that small hydro projects placed in irrigation and other water projects’ canals and pipes are exempt from fish passage and/or fish screening unless the fishery would be negatively impacted.

HB 3408 – Makes reservoirs supporting agriculture a permitted use in the EFU. Important for the future of water developments throughout the state.

HB 3613 – Provides that Oregon Department of Agriculture’s water quality management plans (SB 1010) and their supporting rules and programs are the exclusive regulations and programs regarding nonpoint source pollution related to agricultural practices regulations.

HB 2337 – Allows the hunting of cougars with dogs with county approval and in conjunction with ODFW’s Cougar Management Plan.

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