More corn = lowers gas prices

By Cathryn
National Corn Growers Association

With gas prices on the rise, farmers are helping ease the pain at the pump for consumers across the United States. Ethanol is currently priced roughly 80 cents less per gallon than gasoline. In these rough times, even the relatively minor cost savings that the 10 percent of ethanol blended into the average tank of gas offers are a welcome relief for many consumers.

The question now becomes: how do we use ethanol to further reduce the burden of high gas prices should oil remain high? Many answers provide solutions that could help the average consumer who knows that filling up a car can lead to an empty wallet.

Many major automakers already offer flex-fuel vehicles. These cars and SUVs run on both regular gasoline and on an E-85 blend. Drivers choosing FFVs can save at the pump themselves while easing pressure on the national oil supply.

To maximize the impact of FFVs, blender pump technology must become more readily available. These simple gas pumps, which resemble those already at stations, allow consumers to select the amount of ethanol they put into their tank. FFV drivers have the option of using E-85 fuel. Those with traditional automobiles can opt for up to a 15 percent blend. In offering choice, blender pumps provide options.

Americans know all too well that high gas prices hurt their pocketbooks and their families. Ethanol is one of the many ways American farmers hard work can help make life affordable. By providing options that maximize the potential use of this renewable, clean source of energy, the public can take power back from big oil and take home a little bit more of a paycheck.

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