Oregon opens arms to China’s biggest retailers

China Inbound Retail Buyers Visit
By NW Food Processors Association

The Oregon Department of Agriculture, in cooperation with the USDA Agricultural Trade Office in Shanghai, is pleased to provide you with a unique opportunity to meet with some of China’s leading retail and retail distribution firms.

The Chinese market continues its rapid development and growth, with GDP averaging a 10.6% gain per year between 2004-09, and in 2010 surpassed Japan as the world’s 2nd largest economy. Consumer incomes and standards of living continue to rise in the Greater China market, yet there is much room for continued growth. Based on recent Chinese retail market reports, retail grocery/supermarket sales account for only 3% of all retail food transactions, with the 50 largest retailers only accounting for 5% of total sales. These growth factors, combined with Chinese consumers’ increasing concerns over food quality and safety, are creating unprecedented opportunities for Oregon exporters.

Major products of interest include: Dried fruit and nuts, wine and beverages, fresh pears and cherries, and snack foods.

Additional products of interest may include: seafood, dairy products, miscellaneous branded/packaged products, frozen foods, and low-cost, private label items.

Due to the short timeframe of the group’s visit and their physical numbers (approximately 10 companies with a couple of representatives each), ODA will host a mini trade show event at our offices in the Food Innovation Center in Portland on Friday, July 8th. Full event particulars and background information on visiting Chinese companies will be available soon.

Space for this event is limited and will be allocated on a first come, first served basis. Don’t miss this chance to introduce your products to some of China’s leading food retailers and distributors!

If you’re interested, please respond by Monday, June 27 to:

e-mail: [email protected]

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