A Chance To Let Metro Know What We Think!

A Chance To Let Metro Know What We Think!
By Oregonians In Action,

Property owners in the Portland metropolitan area have a rare opportunity that I hope you’ll take advantage of.

Metro, the regional government for Washington, Clackamas, and Multnomah Counties, has created an on-line survey program called the “Opt-In Panel.”

Tom Hughes, the new Metro Council President, acknowledges that Metro has done a poor job of listening to rural and suburban property owners in its decision making processes, and the “Opt-in” program is an effort to rectify this problem.

Like many veterans of Oregon’s land use battles, I have long opposed Metro’s “smart growth” agenda. I believe people should have far more freedom to use their land as they see fit, not just as some planning bureaucrat thinks their land should be used. I believe that “smart growth” has been extremely damaging to our region’s economy.

But I knew it wasn’t worth my time to participate in Metro’s public input processes in order to convince them that “smart growth” was anything but smart.

Now, however, with a new Metro President and a new and easy way to bring our voices into the mix, it finally just might be worth the time. All you have to do is go to www.optinpanel.org, and sign up to receive Metro’s periodic surveys on topics such as the Urban Growth Boundary, global warming and light rail.

I doubt that Metro will suddenly reverse its “smart growth” agenda due to receiving a different perspective from outside of the echo chamber, but at the very least they will have proof that a significant percentage of the public opposes their agenda. And I do appreciate Council President Hughes for extending this opportunity.

I say if they want to hear from us, we should speak! I hope you’ll sign up at www.optinpanel.org and tell them what you think!

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