78 positions open in state’s Ag commissions!

Oregon commodity commissions seeking applicants
By Oregon Dept. of Agriculture

The Oregon Department of Agriculture is seeking applicants to fill 78 positions on the state’s 23 agricultural and commercial fishery commodity commissions. ODA Director Katy Coba appoints commissioners to make decisions about how to use producer assessments on promotion, education, and research projects funded by each commodity commission.

Most appointments are for a three-year term beginning July 1, 2012. The Oregon Orchardgrass, Potato, Sheep, and Wheat commissions have openings for four-year terms.

Open positions are listed online at http://oregon.gov/ODA/ADMD/cc_applications.shtml. ODA will post applicants’ names after they are qualified. Those interested in applying should complete the application found on the website and send it to the Commodity Commission Program Office, 1207 NW Naito Parkway, Suite 104, Portland, OR 97209.

A suggested deadline is April 20, 2012. The ODA director will begin making appointments in May.

In order to qualify for an appointment, interested individuals must be a citizen of the United States, resident of Oregon, demonstrate an active interest in the development of the commodity, be actively engaged in producing or handling the commodity for a period of three to five years, and derive a substantial portion of their income from the sale of the commodity. For some positions, an applicant must live or do business in a specific region of Oregon.

Of the 78 open positions, 11 are for public members. A public member must be a US citizen, an Oregon resident, and have an active interest in improving economic conditions for that particular commodity. A public member cannot be directly associated with the production or handling of the particular commodity served by the commission they seek to serve. The Oregon Legislature first added public members to most of Oregon’s agricultural and commercial fisheries commodity commissions in 2003.

No commissioner, whether producer, handler or public member, may serve on more than one state board or commission at the same time.

The following Oregon Commodity Commissions are seeking applicants for appointment:

Oregon Albacore Commission – 1 producer, 1 handler

Oregon Alfalfa Commission – 2 producers, 1 handler

Oregon Beef Council – 1 beef producer, 1 dairy producer, 1 handler, 1 public member

Oregon Blueberry Commission – 2 producers, 1 public member

Oregon Clover Commission – 2 producers

Oregon Dairy Products Commission – 1 Southern Oregon producer (partial and full term), 1 Eastern Oregon producer

Oregon Dungeness Crab Commission – 1 producer from Port of Newport, 1 state-at-large producer, 1 handler, 1 public member

Oregon Fine Fescue Commission – 1 Union County producer, 1 state-at-large producer, 1 public member

Oregon Hazelnut Commission – 2 producers, 1 handler

Oregon Hop Commission – 3 producers

Oregon Mint Commission – 1 producer, 1 handler

Oregon Orchardgrass Commission – 1 producer area code 503 or 971, 2 producers area code 541

Oregon Potato Commission – 1 Baker, Union, Wallowa, Grant, Morrow or Umatilla county producer, 1 Klamath, Coos, Curry, Douglas, Jackson, Josephine or Lake county producer, 1 Malheur or Harney County producer, 1 Baker, Union, Wallowa, Grant, Morrow or Umatilla county handler

Oregon Processed Vegetable Commission – 3 producers (full terms), 2 producers (partial terms)

Oregon Raspberry & Blackberry Commission – 2 producers, 1 handler, 1 public member

Oregon Ryegrass Commission – 1 state-at-large producer, 1 Lane or Benton county producer, 1 handler

Oregon Salmon Commission – 3 producers (1 each for North Coast, Central Coast, and South Coast), 1 handler, 1 public member

Oregon Sheep Commission – 1 Hood River, Sherman, Jefferson, Wheeler, Crook or Deschutes county producer, 1 Lane, Douglas, Coos, Josephine or Jackson county producer, 2 handlers (1 full term, 1 partial term)

Oregon Strawberry Commission – 1 producer, 1 public member

Oregon Sweet Cherry Commission – 3 Wasco or Hood River county producers (2 full term, 1 partial term), 1 Western Oregon producer, 1 Eastern Oregon producer, 1 public member

Oregon Tall Fescue Commission – 2 producers, 1 public member

Oregon Trawl Commission – 2 producers, 1 public member

Oregon Wheat Commission – 1 Umatilla, Morrow, Gilliam, Sherman, Wasco, or Jefferson county producer, 1 handler, 1 public member.

For more information, contact Commodity Commission Program Manager Kris Anderson at 503-872-6600 or go to http://oregon.gov/ODA/ADMD/cc_oversight.shtml. The commission or producer organization can also provide assistance.

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