EPA Rejects Petition to Ban 2,4-D

By Oregonians For Food and Shelter

In a short conference call today, US EPA announced that they are denying the petition of the NRDC to cancel 2,4-D and revoke all its’ tolerances. Stating that the Agency had conducted a thorough evaluation of all the available data, the public inputs submitted to the docket responding to the petition, and the state-of-the-science One Generation Reproduction test; Cathryn Britton said they had no concern to re-open the safety assessment of 2,4-D. “That study provides an in-depth examination of 2,4-D’s potential for endocrine disruptor, neurotoxic, and immunotoxic effects. This study and EPA’s comprehensive review confirmed EPA’s previous finding that the 2,4-D tolerances are safe.” “Based on studies addressing endocrine effects on wildlife species and the adequacy of personal protective equipment for workers, the Agency concluded that the science behind our current ecological and worker risk assessments for 2,4-D is sound and there is no basis to change the registrations.”

The link to EPA’s Release on their decision is HERE:

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