Viral video urges farmers to fight back!

By Cindy,
Corn Commentary
National Corn Growers Association

The newest advocate video for agriculture features a young African-American woman in an urban setting encouraging everyone involved in the industry to “Stand Up” and fight for farmers. Jasmine Dillon, a Texas A&M University graduate student in Animal Breeding, stars in the video which was part of the “Farmers Fight Agvocacy Day” effort by TAMU on April 12.

Among those that Jasmine calls on to “Stand Up” are geneticists, agricultural engineers, food scientists, nutritionists, meat scientists, microbiologists, agronomists, educators and researchers. The TAMU student advocates say they are striving to teach everyone how to care for animals, the land and the importance of producing safe, nutritious food for the world.

“For too long we’ve let others tell our story, and they haven’t told it very truthfully. It’s time for us, as students and advocates of agriculture, to step up and let the world know what great people farmers and ranchers are!”

The video already has nearly 14,000 views on YouTube since last week and has been shared all over the social media networks. Watch it, share it, and Stand Up for agriculture!

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