Ag Declines: Egg, honey & flower sales.

By California Farm Bureau

Egg production may dip: In an early outlook for 2013 egg production, the US Agriculture Department predicts the nation’s farmers will sell slightly fewer eggs next year, in part in reaction to lower prices they’re earning this year. In California, egg production has stayed relatively stable for the past seven years. A report puts the state’s egg production at nearly 5.3 billion eggs last year, up slightly from 2010.

Flower sales decline slightly: It’s still the dominant producer of flower crops, but California saw mixed results in a newly released annual review of flower sales. California growers reported rising sales of bedding and garden plants last year, but sales stayed flat for potted plants and declined for cut flowers. Overall sales of California floriculture crops reached slightly more than $1 billion in 2011.

Honey production declines: Honey production in California dropped by 35 percent in 2011, according to a government report. Bee specialists say the number of colonies producing honey also declined, but the reasons are varied. For example, some beekeepers focused their colonies on pollination instead of making honey. Other factors affecting honey production include how many nectar-producing plants are available and how weather and soil conditions affect nectar production.

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