Farm Bureau Alert: Stop the “Flood” of Regulation

Clean Water Act Guidance Document – Stop the “Flood” of Regulation
By Oregon Farm Bureau

AFBF has launched their STOP THE FLOOD OF REGULATION Campaign. The goal is to prevent EPA from finalizing their Guidance Document, which would remove the word navigable from the Clean Water Act. Removal of this word would mean that EPA could regulate any or all waters found within a state, no matter how small or seemingly unconnected to a federal interest.

Ignoring the boundaries established in the CWA, the federal government is expanding its authority over many decisions traditionally made by states and localities, such as the regulation of drainages, small and isolated depressional wetlands and roadside ditches. We urge all members to visit to actively work to stop implantation of this Guidance Document. The website will direct members where they can submit letters electronically

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