Oregon’s #1 egg farm suffers cockfighting incident

Oregon’s largest egg business, Willamette Egg Farms, had a terrible incident happen on their farm where police discovered illegal cockfighting. The Salem Statesman-Journal reports,

For owners of a company that prides itself on the humane treatment of its chickens, this was their worst nightmare: Police break up a cockfighting event and a rogue employee is hauled off to jail.  The event took place Saturday morning at Willamette Egg Farms’ distribution center in Eagle Point. When Jackson County Sheriff’s deputies arrived, roosters with razor blades strapped to their legs were fighting in an abandoned building with a makeshift bar serving drinks. Up to 30 people fled and eight were arrested, including a Willamette Egg Farms truck loader. Deputies found one dead rooster and another severely injured. About 35 others were rescued.


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