200 wild horses to be captured by helicopter

By Bureau of Land Management

On August 20, 2012, a BLM Lakeview District staff member and a local permittee discovered that horses in the Paisley Desert Herd Management Area (HMA) had been out of water for a few days.  Hauling water to horses at dry waterholes began on August 22, 2012. Access in this area is difficult and the expectation of the loss of resources such as engines and water tenders to fire emergencies, led to the decision to remove horses from the HMA.

The BLM determined that the emergency removal of the Paisley Desert wild horse herd is needed to ensure their survival until fall/winter moisture comes. Congregating on limited water sources and traveling great distances to other water sources will begin to negatively affect the horses’ health.

Approximately 200 wild horses will be gathered using a helicopter and then transported by trailer to the Burns Wild Horse Corrals. The Paisley Desert horses will be separated by sex and retained in separate corrals. Depending on environmental conditions, some of the horses may be returned to the HMA in order to bring the wild horse population to the Animal Management Level (60-150 horses.) The rest of the horses will be placed for adoption.

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