Federal threat to Oregon farmers makes national headlines

Natural Resource Note: U.S. Dept of Labor is under fire for threatening Oregon farmers with “Hot Goods” legal action and is gaining national attention (see also here). Below is the latest on this news development from Oregon Farm Bureau.

OFB ramps up pressure on USDOL’s improper use of “hot goods”

By Oregon Farm Bureau

The Oregonian ran a top-of-the-front page expose today on the U.S. Dept. of Labor’s recent use of coercive “hot goods” orders on Oregon farm families. Reporter Eric Mortenson’s story below is an excellent overview of a complex issue.

Please note that the USDOL took less than three days to demand $170,000 from one farmer. Meanwhile, the agency has had three weeks to respond to congressional inquiries asking for an explanation. In the story, USDOL asks for two more weeks to explain the actions it took on farm families in a matter of hours.

See today’s Oregonian story


If US DOL has contacted your farm in recent weeks threatening a “hot goods” embargo on your crops, please contact Farm Bureau immediately.

Contact Shawn Cleave at [email protected].

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