Biotech Label Law Defeated in California, More to Come

Biotech Labeling Proposition Defeated in California, But More on the Way
National Corn Growers Association

In California, voters rejected Proposition 37, which would have required special labeling of any retail food products containing an ingredient derived from a genetically modified crop. The measure lost 53 percent to 47 percent, as of press time. Prop 37 was opposed by a broad coalition of family farmers, scientists, doctors, business, labor, taxpayers and consumers. Nearly every daily newspaper in California also opposed Prop 37. It was estimated that the new regulations would have cost California families an additional $400 per year for groceries.

Leading scientific organizations that have reviewed the issue agree foods containing genetically engineered ingredients are safe and are not materially different than their traditional counterparts. However, backers of Prop 37 are vowing to continue their fight in other states and at the national level. Legislative efforts are taking place in Connecticut and Vermont, and a petition drive is underway in Washington State.

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