Bill cuts DEQ fees

thompsen-chuckSB 212  would cut DEQ fees and bureaucracy
By State Senator Chuck Thomson

Salem, OR – Senator Chuck Thomsen (R-Hood River) has introduced legislation to exempt new and fuel efficient cars from Department of Environmental Quality smog checks. The bill is part of a larger effort to draw attention to out-dated fees and government services that no longer serve a purpose.

“This is a common sense idea that could save drivers from unnecessary fees and cut down on state bureaucracy,” said Thomsen. “New cars, hybrids and electric cars are manufactured to be well within emissions standards. Testing them is a waste of the driver’s time and money and taxpayer resources.” Senate Bill 212 directs DEQ to change vehicle inspection rules so that fuel efficient cars are no longer required to submit to inspections. Currently any vehicle newer than 1975 and in the Portland or Medford metro area must pay a fee and take an emissions test. The fee is $19 in Portland and $10 in Medford.

Senate Bill 212 would model new inspection rules after the State of Washington, which exempts more efficient cars from inspection.

Senate Bill 212 has been sent to the Senate Committee on Environment and Natural Resources.
“If nothing else, I hope this bill can help spark a discussion about cutting fees and bureaucracy,” said Thomsen. “Thomsen was first elected to the State Senate in 2010. He is a fourth generation orchardist from Hood River. He graduated from Hood River High School in 1975, and went on to graduate from Willamette University. Thomsen has been a volunteer firefighter with the Pine Grove Fire Department for thirty years. Thomsen served as a Hood River County Commissioner for 16 years.

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