Anti-biotech bills alarm farmers (Thur. hearing)

By Oregonians for Food and Shelter

Hearing on four anti-biotechnology bills:

HB 2532 & HB 2175 – Requiring the labeling of GE ingredients

HB 2530 – A ban on the importation of GE Salmon

HB 3177 – Requiring the labeling of GE Salmon

Thursday, March 21 at 8:00am at the Capitol

House Bills 2532 & 2175 contain the same language and would require processed foods containing Genetically Engineered (GE) ingredients to be labeled as including such. GE crops are becoming a staple of modern agriculture and keeping this technology available for growers is crucial. A label would imply that there is something “different” or “wrong” about GE ingredients and is an idea that OFS opposes.

House Bill 2530 would prohibit the importation of genetically engineered (GE) fish into Oregon, and ban the farming of Atlantic Salmon. It presupposes that GE salmon are a threat to native salmon populations despite significant safeguards in place. OFS opposes the bill because it outlaws an agriculture product in Oregon simply based on how the animal was bred.

House Bill 3177 would require the labeling of products that contain GE fish. It would also require specific signage declaring that the fish has been genetically engineered where GE fish are sold.


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