Dry spell dims 2013 outlook

Cattle ranchers lose optimism as dry spell continues

California Farm Bureau

Ranchers say that despite strong demand for beef, dry rangeland conditions have dimmed their outlook for the year. Unless California sees another “Miracle March” with ample rainfall, the feed available for cattle will dwindle quickly, and the cost to buy or rent additional land is already high. Typically, ranchers move cattle from winter pastures to summer pastures at the end of March or April, but the dry spell has led many to move cattle early.

Blustery weather slows bees
Recent cold and windy weather makes the work of pollinators more difficult, according to a report from an almond growers group. Bees and other insects are less likely to pollinate when the temperatures are down, the wind is high and weather turns overcast. With trees now blooming around the state, the coming weeks are critical for almonds and other orchard crops to be pollinated, and farmers keep a close eye on the bees’ progress.

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