Newly published Oregon Agripedia now available

Newly published Oregon Agripedia now available

By Oregon Dept. of Agriculture

Ag Stats, Oregon Farmers’ Handbook, and Ag Resources Directory in one book

The sixth edition of a popular, all-purpose guide providing comprehensive statistical, regulatory, and contact information is now available from the Oregon Department of Agriculture. The Oregon Agripedia is a 212-page, one-stop reference for Oregon agriculture facts, laws, and resources.

The Oregon Agripedia is organized in three sections. The first section contains the latest statistical information on Oregon agriculture along with historical facts and figures. The second section contains the most comprehensive information available on state and federal laws that apply to agriculture. The third section contains comprehensive contact information for numerous agricultural organizations and agencies, including mailing addresses, phone and fax numbers, e-mail addresses, and website addresses.

A limited number of copies are now available at no cost. The Oregon Agripedia can be obtained by calling (503) 986-4550, by e-mailing <[email protected]> or by completing the online order form. The Oregon Agripedia is available in hard copy or on a CD.

An online version will be maintained with up-to-date information throughout the year.

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