$100 Water Fee Bill advances


By Oregon Farm Bureau


The Senate Committee on Environment and Natural Resources is hearing SB 217 this week. Oregon Farm Bureau strongly opposes this bill and urges you to contact the committee to voice your opposition. If passed, SB 217 would create a new water right management fee for all water users. A fee of $100 will be imposed on each primary or supplemental water right holder.

The committee needs to hear from water right holders on how this additional fee would affect your farming operations. This is the most troublesome water fee legislation proposed this session and the agricultural community needs to unite to defeat this bill. Your voice on this issue will lend considerable assistance to Oregon Farm Bureau and other organizations fighting to stop this bill.


You can submit written testimony to the Office Coordinator, Beth Reiley ([email protected]) or testify in person. If you need assistance with written or oral testimony, contact Ian Tolleson ([email protected]) at 541-914-1847. Also, feel free to contact members of the committee directly.


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