7 forester jobs cut, OSU Extension Office budget woes

forestOregon Forestry Department Lays Off Workers
By Natural Resource Report News Note,

Seven forestry department positions will be cut at the Coos District Office which handles the Elliott State Forest Management plan. Due to an injunction by a federal judge in November, logging at 11 timber sales, including Elliott, has been suspended. The sites are identified as habitat of a threatened seabird, the marbled murrelet. ODF will try to place affected employees in alternative jobs in the department.  More here.

Also, recently supporters of Oregon State University Extension Office went to Salem to advocate to lawmakers to preserve their funding.   A total of $7 million in additional funding is needed to continue the OSU Extension Service budget.   The Ways & Means co-chair’s budget is $.57 million above the governor’s recommendation but over a million below the $7 million mark.  More here.


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